Financial Data Portal

Browser based, Financial Data Portal for desktop and mobile

The Client

Independent Financial Solutions was founded in 1989 and is a leading provider of independent financial advice. They have offices in Portsmouth and Emsworth. Their success is based on a reputation for expert advice and an ability to build long-term client relationships at the core of which are trust, mutual understanding and collaboration.

The Brief

We were commissioned to develop a browser based web application to allow IFS clients to view and track their assets, savings and investments.

The Solution

The entire application was designed and built from the ground up by Coreware. The user interface has been designed to friendly and non-intimidating with helpful guides positioned around the pages. The design is completely responsive so the app works comfortably in a browser on a desktop pc, a tablet size screen, right down to a 320px mobile screen.

The Financial Data Portal app makes use of a Thomson Reuters API which delivers real-time financial data from around the world. The system then uses that data to compare against the client’s figures and then makes real-time calculations to ascertain how well the clients investments and savings are performing.

The development phase raised several problems around security and varying currency rates, all of which were resolved by the Coreware development team

Visual info-graphics such as pie charts are created on the fly and also included in the reporting system which outputs PDFs

The Financial data portal was built using as combination of PHP, Jquery and JavaScript, all built around a custom built CMS system. This particular model uses an API to interface with the financial company’s client database.


Since the Financial Data Portal went live it has seen several updates as both front end users and back end administrators have contributed additional ideas. Although built specifically for IFS, the application has the capability of being white labelled and resold as a stand alone app.

Financial Data Portal