Market research app

REL Field Marketing

REL Field Marketing are a company who collect stats and data for market research. Their staff visit shops to survey the placement of products on the shelves and they would have traditionally used paper forms to collect and report their findings.

With a need to streamline and modernise, REL commissioned us to provide a mobile app for market research that would replace their existing paper based tools, paving the way for a more efficient method for the collection of research data for their corporate clients.

A process of designing the system began, which led onto the creation of mockup designs for the user interface. Once development began we used the PhoneGap framework which allowed us to deliver a single solution that worked on Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry platforms. In parallel, we also developed a Chrome application which enabled Windows Mobile tablets to be used in the too.

The mobile app for market research was designed to allow data to be stored locally on devices in the absence of a 3G signal and to automatically update a central database at REL once a connection was established.

Market research app