We develop pioneering, technological solutions for the delivery of sports data

Cutting edge technology

A combination of cutting edge technology, working closely with sports data companies such as Opta and Infostrada and utlising our CTO’s experience (founder of Opta), has made Coreware the market leader in the production of specialised, technical, sports solutions, delivering static information, third party content, info graphics and real-time sports data to a range of digital devices for some of the largest companies, brands and sponsors.

Solutions as simple as widgets or entire data centre websites such as Castrol Football or Sky Go which display data such as real time stats, scores, results and league tables whilst enabling users to interact with the data.

Ajax, Jquery and other open-source technologies have been used to stream live updates to websites and mobile apps while sporting events are taking place.

For Castrol Football, Coreware used soccer statistics from Opta Sports Data to create a match prediction system, which tried to predict the outcome of a game based on previous meetings and the statistics of each, individual player.

For both of the previous two Olympic Games, Coreware developed a live, updating medals table, one of which had an alert system, which messaged a subscriber’s mobile phone when a medal was won.

Other sport related work:

  • Integrating sports content into third-party websites
  • Info-graphics
  • Content management systems built for sports publications
  • Combining editorial content with live data and streaming video
  • Sports mobile apps
  • Sport analysis tools and widgets
  • Sky DE datacentre
  • Medals table
  • Medals alerts app
  • Castrol football
  • Sky Go

Take a look at some Sport case studies

Sky Datacentre

Sky Sports Data Centre built by Coreware using sports data from Opta

powerful website widgets to serve real time content into

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Castrol Football

Castrol Football website custom web development by Coreware

Creative design and creative technology came together in this stats filled website for Castrol

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Sky Go Android Mobile App

Sky Go Sports Data Centre on Android bespoke build by Coreware

Football stats and data app built for, designed for mobile devices.

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